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Harmony of Design and Quality Inspirational Brushed Stainless Steel Radiators

Hand-Crafted to a Superior Standard of Excellence
In the contemporary home and workplace, heating appliances play a pivotal role in the total design concept. No longer unsightly objects of mere utility hidden away from sight, accuro - korle radiators represent veritable works of art. An enduring combination of functionality, beauty and aesthetics.

Masterpieces of Design
accuro - korle's design team has created a unique range of radiator models that will enhance any interior. Contemporary, but with a timeless elegance, accuro - korle 's stunning Brushed Stainless Steel Radiators lend a superior allure to any customised (or designer) interior. An unexceptional room becomes spectacular with an accuro - korle radiator !

Quality and Dependability
accuro - korle places absolute priority on the durability and reliability of its appliances. In order to achieve unsurpassable quality, accuro - korle has devised an unrivalled manufacturing process specialising in stainless steel.

Only the highest grade solid stainless steel is used for accuro - korle radiators. Paint or lacquer finishes are not applied and the use of pure stainless steel gives our radiators and incredible natural sheen and radiance. Ornamental rings on certain models are produced from nickel-plated or polished brass. All joints are welded with the advanced 'tig welding' technique using argon gas to avoid leakage and are tested to 16 bars minimum. Joints are also concealed so as not to compromise on design features. Stainless steel is an efficient heat retainer and also offers the untold advantage of being non-corrosive, ensuring radiators remain rust free both internally and externally. Additionally, stainless steel radiates a sleek, attractive and unblemished sheen that compares with no other metal.
All radiators are handmade by skilled craftsman and each appliance passes a quality control test on completion.
Our engineering specialists have perfected accuro - korle's radiators for maximum functionality and performance. Optimum heat output (high BTU) with conservative hot water consumption levels ensures an impressively economical system of operation, based on an environmentally-friendly principle of energy-saving.

Exceptional Value
accuro - korle radiators are an everlasting investment at surprisingly affordable prices. Our commitment to superlative quality is matched by our goal to provide excellent value.
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